Our Mini Keypads for Hand Controls enable you to operate the secondary functions of the vehicle without having to take your hand off your hand control. 

Our BRAND NEW WIRELESS 7 Way Mini Keypad operates indicators, lights (dip/main/flash), horn and optional hazards*.

Our 10/13 Way Mini Keypad is a hardwired alternative and operates indicators, lights (dip/main/flash), horn, front & rear wipers & washers and optional hazards*. 

  • Compatible with most hand control makes & models
  • Green back-lit illumination for safe operation when driving in the dark
  • Dividers between each of the buttons for guidance
  • Indicators will self-cancel on many vehicles

Suitable positioning of the keypad will depend on the model of hand control and should be discussed with your installer.

*Hazards must be requested at time of order. Not available on all vehicles - check for compatibility.

"The mini keypad is one of the best switches available for hand controls, it is very good quality and has nice background illumination. The small dividers between each button make it easy to navigate the keypad so you can keep your head up at all times, which is very good for safety!"

- Geir Stokker, Product & Training Manager, ETAC Bil As, Norway

Mini Keypad

Keypad Mini 2