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April 03, 2019

“I am exceptionally satisfied. It is a wonderful invention & has given me my independence.” - Mrs Macintosh, Henley-On-Thames 

"This is an awesome bit of kit, being able to drive again makes a real difference to my life and well-being. I hope you are proud of yourselves, thank you so much." - Mrs L, North Yorkshire

“The best of the single handed controllers available.” – Mrs Southern, Peterborough 

“I find this Lodgesons secondary control system really good, far better than what I had before.” – Mrs Heardson, Cornwall 

“I’ve now had the R210 fitted and I’m delighted with it, not only am I legal again but it is now a real pleasure to drive…..even at night. The ball looks and feels fantastic and is a dream to operate. I also understand that as a superior product it is a joy to install.” – Mr Carson, Essex

“It’s early days yet but this steering control is far superior to the one I had before.” – Mr Tucker, Devon  

“Easy to use, buttons clear & size good.” – Mr Waddingham, Dorset

“I chose the best one available.”  – Mr Esp, Dorset

"I cannot use my left arm due to MS, and require a device to allow me to operate the appropriate controls safely. Having had an equivalent type of control from competitive system, I have found your product to be much superior in design, ease of use, comfort and robustness to theirs." - Mr Fair, Sunderland

"Previous set of controls were excellent, 3 years of no problem use... Added features have enhanced controls further... Absolutely trustworthy brilliant reliable controls." - Mr Rickman, Hampshire

"Very satisfied, highly recommendable. Works brilliantly & great in giving me independence. Thank you very much." - Miss Povey, Reading

"Looks really neat and easy to pop on & off when my wife is driving." - Mr White, Wokingham

"Your adaptation seems to be the best on the market, good quality and price ok." - Mrs Somers, Leeds

"Excellent piece of kit. Very well designed. The best mobility aid I have come across since my injury." - Mr Ahern, West Sussex

“I did not get on with competitive product – lacked positivity... Chalk and cheese of previous make.” – Mr McAlister, Chalfont St Peter

“This unit has enabled me to drive again after suffering a stroke and losing the use of my left arm. It has changed my life for the better. A huge THANK YOU.” - Mr Shiels, Derbyshire

“Now I have got used to it I absolutely love it. It is so comfortable to hold (much better than the steering ball) and so easy to use. With so many extra options I wish I had, had this years ago!” – Ms Tyler, Bristol

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